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Q: What is your ideal type of girl?

Sat, 1st of March
Anonymous asked: Hello! I was wondering if you could publish this and promote the Krowdpop campaign for the Teen Top concert in Toronto, Canada. If you have any Canadian followers, they need to know that this campaign is happening! We have to fund the concert to 100% for it to happen, and we're only at 75% right now :( We only have until March 3rd to get tickets! LET'S BRING TEEN TOP TO TORONTO!! To buy tickets (or learn more info) they need to go on the krowdpop website and add /campaigns/teen-top-toronto

No problem! ^^ Canadian Angels, this is the website! Let’s make it happen :D

Thu, 20th of February
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This is my first follow.. I just want to say thank you for your nice posts. You are always here and you crown my day everyday. I always look forward what you post and i will alway be here. I will follow you forever.
I thought i wait until Valintine’s Day, because it is a special day and the best way to give thanks. Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay always healthy, and be happy all the time!
Thank you always for:

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and have a Happy Valentine!!